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apMenu Frame Example

This example demonstrates:

  • Using the target parameter with frames
  • Javascript calls - "Change all" item allows to change the content of all frames by single click. See also "Javascript tips"
  • Inactive items
  • Label text aligned to center
  • Fade type 4
  • Vertical menu direction

HTML Source


<FRAMESET cols=135,85%>
<FRAME name = left_wnd scrolling=no src="leftpage.html">
<FRAMESET rows=15%,85%>
<FRAME name = top_wnd scrolling=no src="toppage.html">
<FRAME name = main_wnd scrolling=yes src="mainpage.html">


<APPLET code="apMenu" Archive="apMenu.jar" height=270 width=115 mayscript>
<param name="Copyright" value="Apycom Software -">
<param name="solidArrows" value="true">
<param name="backColor" value="ffffcc">
<param name="backHighColor" value="88ff88">
<param name="fontColor" value="888800">
<param name="fontHighColor" value="00ff00">
<param name="fadeType" value="4">
<param name="alignText" value="center">
<param name="font" value="Courier,12,0">
<param name="javascript:1" value="changeAll()">
<param name="menuItems" value="
      {Main in Main,mainpage.html,main_wnd}
      {Top in Main,toppage.html,main_wnd}
      {Left in Main,leftpage.html,main_wnd}
      {Top in Top,toppage.html,top_wnd}
      {Main in Top,mainpage.html,top_wnd}
      {Left in Top,leftpage.html,top_wnd}
      {Change All,javascript:1,_}

<script language="Javascript">
function changeAll()


Copyright (c) 1998-2001, Apycom Software