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 The Organization of Pakistani Students (OPS) at St. John's University    

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Bus / Accounting 

The Truth about Islam 

Islamic Organization to learn & recite: Islam, Quran, Hadith, Sunnah, Current events of Muslim Countries

Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) detailed Biography

Learn Islam position on different issues

Learn to say Salah step by step

Hear Adhan & 5 daily Salat

Local Prayer Time

Masjid Locator

Islamic Banking

Zakat Calculator

Muslim Scientists & Scholars

Islamic Calligraphy Art

Islamic Links

Muslims Matrimonial Links  

Khaleej Times


Pakistan Profile  Currency Converter

Pakistan's History

Global Trend 2015: Outlook South Asia

CIA Facts about Pakistan

US State Depart notes on Pakistan

Imran Khan Insaaf Party

Pakistan Business News 

Pakistan Economist

Government of Pakistan's Links

Pakistan's Picture Gallery 


List of Pakistan's sites

Cricket News 

Pakistan Cricket Board 

PakistanAvenue for Pak info



Links to Pakistan Independent  Magazines

BBC South Asian News

Xinhuanet Chinese News

Tehelka Indian independent news

Paintings by Pakistani Artists

VH1 Music Channel Features Pakistani Band Junoon 


Networking Basics

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Cisco System 2001: Analysis 

Apple iMac: Company Analysis FYE 1999. PPT. 217.50KB

Ford Motor Company Analysis FYE 2000. PPT. 745.50KB

Oracle Corporation Analysis FYE 2000.PPT 348KB

Minitab 13.0 Learn how to use it. doc 3734.00KB 

SPSS Learn how to use it. doc 2074.50KB 

Macs Desktop Page Tips. doc 188.50KB 

Photoshop Learn how to use it. doc 4331.50KB 

Illustrator Learn how to use it. doc 1213.50KB

Quotations from different people

Pak Recipes 

SJU BW Ranking

ratios.jpg (187673 bytes)

ratios2.jpg (196663 bytes)

How Economic Cycle is Cyclical. doc 34.50KB

The Functions of Federal reserve. doc 28.50KB

Dr. Yardeni Economics Network info

Individual Tax return info - easy to understand

Business Tax return info - Easy to understand

Tax Forms to File for Taxes

Free Online tax calculator & savings tips

Accounting & Tax related issues solutions

Highly recommended Tax Planet to provide solutions to all kinds of Tax queries 

Research Company's Financials & Prospects (Hoovers)

The Economists 

Business Week

Forbes Financial Glossary

Better Business Bureau


Dogpile. All results, no mess.

Dogpile. All results, no mess.       


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